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IGFA First Annual Tournement of Art.

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I was one of 23 well-known marine and wildlife artists invited to attend the IGFA's First Annual Invitational Tournament of Art. The event started Friday, February 27 with a preview party and continued throughout the weekend for public viewing. The 23 participating artists represented a cross section of artists from around the country. They included California artists Marshall Madruga and David Wirth, New York artist Dave Baroncelli, Mark Susinno from Pennsylvania, and Hanes Hoffman from North Carolina. Representatives from Florida were Dr. Guy Harvey, Steve Whitlock, Kim Rody, James Harris, Pierre Pierce, Tim Borski, Caren Stevens, Pasta Pantaleo, R.J. Boyle, Don Ray, Mike Hewlett, Jeweler Mark Lloyd and myself.

All events took place at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum, 300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, FL.

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I just couldn't resist! Check out the list of names  
Carey Chen
Kim Rody
Caren Stevens
Tim Borski
Karen Rhodes
Pierre Pierce
and yours truly
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